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Today is my birthday, but instead of making today all about me, I wanted to share the top 5 things that I learned during my trip around the sun in hopes that it’ll help you along your journey.

1. Take Risks

Six months ago, I sat down to brainstorm with my partner, looking for ways to create additional forms of passive income. As you know, I have my business Cold Storm Media, my 9-5 career as Director of Marketing and Communications, and I currently have ebooks, webinars, and I host in-person events, amongst other things.

After doing our research, I decided to invest in a full-line vending machine business, Delectable Vending LLC. We’ve already placed machines, and we’re looking to put more machines in businesses.

I saw an opportunity, took a risk, and it’s been paying off.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency, or lack thereof, can be the defining factor between failure or success. To be consistent means to fully dedicate yourself completely to a task, activity, or goal. It means to stay engaged without distraction entirely. Often people think characteristics such as intelligence, ambition, or persistence are the defining factors of success. Though they do play a significant part in obtaining success and achieving your goals BUT it takes CONSISTENCY.

Nine months ago, I sat down at my desk, set goals with high expectations, and I stuck to them! Now I’m reaping the benefits of my consistency through business and personal growth.

3. Continue to Learn

A few months back, I reached out to someone I now consider to be a mentor to develop my professional skills as a leader and boss. This has been a turning point in how I lead and manage my business affairs and professional career.

In April, I started Cornell Universities Women’s Entrepreneurship Certificate program, and it’s truly a great learning experience. I’m proud to say I’ll be complete in two weeks (even though I’ve wanted to throw in the towel several times lol ). In addition to that, I’ve taken advantage of our time in quarantine and begin taking refresher courses in marketing and branding.

What I learned is that continuing your education and gaining new skills will not allow you to bring in more coins but grow as a person, professionally, and better equip you to lead.

4. It’s Okay to Start Over

As if you haven’t noticed, for the past seven months, I’ve been going through a rebranding process to create my narrative, better tell my story, and share what I know to inspire and influence others.

But in retrospect, I’m here to tell you it’s okay to have a mental reset moment. To look at your surroundings and say, “hey, this isn’t working!”

Maybe something isn’t working right, and you have to adjust things…once again. Or perhaps it’s just your way of thinking that needs a reality check!

All I’m saying here is that it’s perfectly okay to reset, refocus, reschedule, or re-do something to make it better, to feel better, to live better, and to enjoy life more personal or professional.

5. Don’t Rush

I had a conversation with one of my contractors last week, and I said, “The time and dedication you put into your work will always show in what you produce. Slow down the work isn’t going anywhere.”

What I’ve learned these past twelve months is that the key to the “always hustling” mindset is “slowing down.” It sounds crazy, but slowing down can be the difference between success or failure, or between thriving and burning out.

Stay Safe and Keep Pushing Forward!