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It’s a proven fact that innovation happens when people change their environment. So I invite you to take a break, switch gears and join me for lunch!

Meet me for a 3-hour intensive 1:1 session to accelerate your brand growth, learn how to attract more clients, and have a cohesive brand. Lunch With Katrina is your chance to pick my brain and learn everything you need to brand your business so you can STOP feeling overwhelmed and START growing your powerful brand.

So if you’re a creative entrepreneur ready to take control of your future, own your outcome, and make money moves (without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out in the process), let’s talk!

Who’s Right For This Service:

  • Are you open to new ideas, strategies, and insights to help you reach your biggest goals?
  • Are you committed to doing the work and showing up as the leader you want to be?
  • Are you willing to get uncomfortable and dare greatly to make an impact?
  • Are you ready to allow me to critique your brand and your current marketing efforts?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, let’s work!

This service comes with a unique lunch or brunch experience catered by Atlanta Chef Sabrina Renée, owner of Appetize Atlanta at a polished and chic location chosen by me.

Experience the lifestyle that you’re destined for!

With the right help, you CAN create the life you want today—not “someday.”

Before booking this service, you must schedule a FREE consultation to make sure this is the right fit for you! 

Note: Video conference option is available!

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