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Girl, Let’s LAUNCH is a 6-month program designed for individuals looking to kick-start their side-hustle or entrepreneurial journey!

This program is for the individual who needs help and guidance bringing their innovative ideas to life. Girl, Let’s LAUNCH is an unmatched program option for people who have a small amount of money to invest in their BIG dreams. I will guide you through the steps to kick-start your brand’s identity, voice, and creating a winning marketing strategy!

Once enrolled in this program, you’ll learn and gain exclusive information, and I’ll become one of your biggest cheerleaders as well as a mentor. 

In addition to my support, you’ll have the support of my NEW Girl Let’s Launch private community group on Facebook! The Girl Let’s LAUNCH group on Facebook was created for budding women entrepreneurs to share their wins, ask questions, find answers, and gain the support of women just like you!

This program includes:

  • Lifetime access to the Girl Let’s LAUNCH Group on Facebook (live streams, Q&A’s, and educational content) 
  • Check-in texts throughout the month
  • Monthly Group Video Chat 
  • Visual Brand Identity (Logo Design)
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Educational Package (Free access to all eBooks and webinars in our online store)
  • Before booking this service, you must schedule a FREE consultation to make sure this is the right fit for you!

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