Why Luxury Brands and Black Friday Don’t Go Together

Today is the BIGGEST shopping day of the year! If you’re like me and my family who buy at least one TV every year, then today is THE day to do it.

Yes, someone in my family buys a new TV every year. Take the side outta ya eye, Willis!

Disclaimer: I don’t know where the name Willis came from, but just go along with it.

Anyway, I want to point a simple and known fact around luxury brands.

Have you ever seen a commercial for Rolls Royce? Chanel? Louis Vuitton? And God forbid if you see a commercial for the Hail Mary and glorified red bottoms by the man himself, Christian Louboutin.

Now that I’ve got you thinking, have you ever wondered why you’ll never see these brands advertised in commercials?

Simply put (and this may sting a little), they’re not meant for the general public. The only “public” advertising I recall ever seeing luxury brands advertised are in Vogue and other high-fashion centered magazines. And people who buy Vogue  (people who actually read Vogue) still aren’t considered the be apart of the general public.

This is also why you’ll see very few sales on luxury brands and most of those sales are advertised within an exclusive market. But you’ll NEVER see a Black Friday sale.

Here’s why: If luxury brands ran a Black Friday sale, then it’ll train the people who are apart of the “general public” to wait for the sale. And they’re not going to do that. Why? Because they don’t have to!

Luxury brands make sales year ’round, especially to those they’re not actually marketing to. It’s women who make less than $30,000 per year that will save for a pair of red bottoms. It’s women who will spend their ENTIRE tax return on a LV bag. Luxury brands have brilliantly branded themselves to be considered as “exclusive” and their price tag matches that concept. People want to feel like they’re apart of an exclusive audience, even if that means spending half of their savings on a new Chanel bag.

So nope. Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton don’t do Black Friday. Sorry if I’m the first to break this to you.

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