Stylishly Fit

By:  Abagail K. Roper 


Style or having a sense of style, is one of the many ways women relate to one another. The easiest form of style that we see and use on a daily basis is fashion. As we go through the decades we watch the style of fashion and its trends come and go, like a revolving door. For many women being fashionable is apart of our essence; unknowingly it builds our self-esteem and it’s a form of self-expression and satisfaction.

Although style and fashion go hand in hand, it’s not the only thing that should come to mind when we think style. We need to think FIT. Fitness is the best compliment to ones’ style.

Often times when we think fitness, we only think of the celebrities or public figures displayed on billboards, television and magazines. We use these images as motivation to what we aspire to achieve (as far as fitness goes) forgetting that they pay the best trainers, can afford these absurd diet plans and are photo shopped galore.

We must learn though that the start to fitness comes from within, it’s all about our mindset and how we (not others) perceive ourselves.

No fear though, I’m here to help you start.

Firstly, learn to Embrace who you are. Self-love is the best way towards happiness.  Secondly, understand that your journey to a healthier version of yourself should not be compared to others. Fit comes in all shapes and sizes, in respect to your weight and height.

I had the pleasure of getting insight on ways to become better fit from Charleston’s’ very own prized personal trainer Clivens “CJ” Josaphat and he shared some great points.

  • First set “fitness” goals (short and long term): This is an essential step to becoming fit.  As the saying goes, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” These goals will act as a guide throughout your journey.
  • Fit In Exercise: Time management is key, schedule at least 30 minutes a day of workouts.
  • Modify your eating habits:  Of course we know fruits and vegetables should be included in your meal plans but don’t forget about your healthy fats, fresh proteins and lots of water.
  • Build a support system: Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you succeed. This is vital because they will provide the motivation you need on days when you lose hope.
  • Be patient. Stay Consistent:  It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see immediate results, but don’t allow this to make you admit defeat.

I wouldn’t be surprised, if you’re thinking “I’ve heard this all before,” and that’s because you probably have. Personally, in recent weeks I’ve started my own fitness journey and so far I feel great. My energy level has increased; I lost weight and even noticed clearer skin (and we all know the importance of clear skin). Of course, I went through withdrawals mostly because of my sweet tooth but I must admit my confidence level is at an all time high. Several of my friends have complimented and taken notice to changes I’ve made which makes this journey even more worthwhile. I realized the best compliment to a woman’s style is FITNESS!!!!

So stop making excuses & let your fitness journey begin today!

For more tips from CJ the Trainer stay tuned to What’s Going On Webshow & Blog.

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