Quick Beauty Tip: Eyebrows on Fleek

By: Amber Christy

Have you ever wondered why the new trend in eyebrows? I think it goes without saying that your eyebrows are a pretty big deal! Eyebrows are the frame of your face, and beautifully shaped eyebrows help to bring your FABULOUS features out. Now the first step to achieving your best brow is achieving your shape. I love going to an arch expert to wax my brows. After they are waxed I maintain them by “filling them in” using a brow pencil and concealer. Ready for your shopping list?

eyebrow-pencilFrugal Shopper:
NYX Brow Powder – found at Ulta Beauty
Ulta Brow Pencil- found at Ulta Beauty
Wet Seal Brow Powder- found at CVS, Walmart
Eyebrow Brush- beauty section of your all drug stores

High End Shopper:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil – found at Sephora, Ulta
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Brow Gel- found at Sephora, Ulta
Brow Tinting- Ulta Beauty

1. Run out and buy your materials: eyebrow brush, eyebrow gel, and tweezers.

2. Put your new tools in your favorite Cosmetic Bag. Never leave town without them.

3. The current glam look is a fuller eyebrow. You can achieve the brow look that you prefer. The best line to follow is your own natural brow   line. Take an eyebrow pencil, or eyeliner pencil. Start at the inner corner of your eye and draw a straight line up to your brow. Create your arch with the highest part at the outer most edge of your pupil. Draw the bottom of your brow using an eyebrow pencil, or eyeliner pencil.

4. You will want to use the eyebrow pencil, powder or brow gel to “fill in” your brows with the brow color. Brush your eyebrows in an upward fashion to “fill in” the brow color.

5. Using a clear brow gel with spoolie brush over brows to distribute color evenly throughout your brows.

6. Lastly, clean up your brows with concealer just around your brows!
* For a more permanent brow try eyebrow tinting!


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