Emerging Entrepreneur

By: Jameel Rashad




Now that you have made the decision to change the world through your vision, goal, or dream, are you ready?
You have put together your business plan, you have set up a business license, you have checked your list and you are ready to launch your business, right?

You’re looking at it again and again, but not quite sure how to take your first step into entrepreneurship.new-entrepreneur-good-idea-300x300
Just like all emerging entrepreneurs, I have been in the same position when I started my company.  When I started Master Scents, I was unsure of where and how to start so I just started.  I put thousands of my dollars on the line for an idea only to realize it was nothing more than a goal.  A very necessary life lesson learned at a cost.  As an emerging entrepreneur, you can’t be afraid of learning opportunities and reaching out to other entrepreneurs.

What helped me make the decision to go and take the entrepreneurial leap?  It is the passion I have for my business to be successful.  The work was no problem because I love what I do.  I was the first in my family to take this leap so there was no blueprint to follow.  Likewise, the path for you may be a path new or less traveled.  It’s your idea and you have to own it.  No one else can see your vision the way you do.  Everybody’s road is not the same but there are similarities that everyone has to experience.  Let’s look at a few options that would help an emerging entrepreneur:

1. Finding a mentor/coach helps with the learning curve (This can be someone you follow in a blog (hint) article,    book, YouTube, or someone locally.

2. This dream is yours and yours alone.  You will try to get others to be enthusiastic and as motivated to accomplish your goals and move your business forward.   They may not move or find it as interesting or realistic as you do. (You have to keep this in mind)

3. During hard times (because they happen to us all) retreat.  Retreat does not mean defeat.   Taking a step back to regroup, rebrand, or reorganize is not failure, it’s called Strategic Planning.

4. Don’t allow money to determine the direction of your business.  Focus on serving millions of people and the money will come.

The Entrepreneurial leap has been the most rewarding step I have taken in my life.  I have developed meaningful social and business relationships.  Through the life lessons and relationships, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge.  Your success exists through a 3 letter word.  You have to take ACT (Action Changes Things).  So, are you ready?  Get set, and go for it!

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