Donald Trump is a Brand Genius

Let me be clear: I do not support his political views.

I do support his ability to get people talking about him and even some are willing to vote for him. Donald Trump is a brand of high-end, super-stardom and nothing less. Everything he touches turns into this over-the-top experience.

Here are three reasons why you should pay attention to his brand and apply these strategies into your own business:

1. He is 100% himself.

We may not always agree with the things he say, but you’d never have to wonder how he feels. He doesn’t hide who he is nor does he care how anyone feels about it. Aside the fact that he has offended people, he’s real.
Authenticity is everything in branding. If you are a coach, speaker, author, or consultant, you should be 100% yourself at all times. Give your potential clients an opportunity to know the real you before they decide to work with you.

2. He is a symbol of success

When I hear the word “successful”, the first 2 names that come to mind is Oprah and Donald Trump. Everyone defines success different, but I’m speaking in terms of wealth. Trump is a successful business man and his high-end brand is what got him where he is as candidate for president. People who support him believe he’s able to do anything, because he’s done everything and has accomplished so much in his own life. He represents power and authority.
Now think how you want to be represented in your own business. When people hear the word “business coach” or “successful author”, do you want your name to come to their mind? Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

3. He is an outcast

Trump has been in the media consistently since running for office, because of his offensive comments about political issues and other candidates. His ideas are very nontraditional and it makes him an outcast to other Republican candidates. The simple fact that he can say whatever the hell he wants and get away with it (and STILL have thousands of people rooting for him), says a lot about the kind of brand power he has.
In other words: Donald Trump stands out. He doesn’t follow the rules. He creates his own path, whether people are with him or not. Are you an outcast within your own network? Do you stand out among other service providers in your niche? What ideas can you bring to the table to make people want to follow and root for you, too?
***By “root for you”, I mean actually sign up to work with you.

If you could put your political views aside, you’d agree that Trump is a brand genius. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?

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