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So…my friends and I had an interesting conversation about what motivates women to enter pageants and the most recent Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Of course, the crowning of the wrong contestant was mentioned but it definitely wasn’t the main topic. In fact, our discussion on the pageant was mostly photographer_uploaded_2_131_6_1371117014_2013centered around the contestants’ great representation of such a variety of ethnicities (ethnic groups) and their global beauty. The conversation became even more interesting when the subject was shifted from their physical appearances to the way they inspire others. Their humble spirits and countless accomplishments show that these women are more than just sex symbols. They have platforms that inspire the young female generation to stay focused, be persistent and live out their dreams.
During the conversation, I thought about someone who was once involved in the pageantry that inspired me personally. It was everything from her humble spirit and beautiful smile to her stage presence and grace. Oh! Did I mention her fashion style and of course the fact that she’s from my hometown, Charleston, SC? Yes, I do get super excited and when I see someone from my hometown excelling in his or her dreams. Well, if you haven’t figured out already I’m gushing about Vogue addict and former Miss South Carolina 2013, Megan Pinckney.  Recently, I was able to touch bases with Miss Pinckney and chat about “What’s Going On” in her life. We spoke on her love for fashion, life after Miss SC and what to expect from her in 2016.


Abagail: I am a big fan of your style. I follow you on Instagram and I love to see what you’re wearing.  You’re one of my fashion icons and I see that you’re a fan of fashion as well. What was it that made you fall in love with fashion?

Megan: I was in love with fashion my entire life but I felt like I grew into my own style several years ago.  Personally, I am huge fan of Vogue Magazine. I’ve been collecting them since I was in middle school, which was like ten years ago, and I still do.  Vogue was one of the reasons I fell in love and became interested in studying fashion.

Abagail: You studied fashion merchandising at the University of South Carolina where you was also got the opportunity to study abroad in Italy, how was that experience?

Megan: Yes!! I was able to study abroad and the experience was phenomenal.  That was my first time in Europe, which is one of the major fashion capitals in the world.  We were able to visit the Gucci museum and the leather factory. The time we spent in the factory was a learning experience because we were able to see how they come up with creative ideas and how the clothing is made.  The everyday fashion in Europe is completely different to what I see here Columbia, South Carolina. It’s like the  “All-American” look where you see t-shirts and jeans, our everyday wear here in the U.S versus “the high-end” look with 5 inch stilettos and beaded dress in the middle of the day there in Europe. Overall, I enjoyed every minute of that experience and will do it again if I had the opportunity.

Abagail: You’ve been in several pageants and to many different fashion events where you were able to network with a lot of individuals in the fashion industry, what is the best fashion tip you’ve ever received?

Megan: The most important tip is for your clothing to be well fitted. Tailoring is huge and you can usually find someone locally that can tailor things for a reasonable price.  It looks more expensive and looks like it was made for you. It shapes your body in the way the designer want it to shape.

Abagail: I know you love going to many different fashion weeks and fashion week is where you can get a lot of ideas and see the different trends for the upcoming season. What are some fashion must haves or trends that you’re going to follow in 2016?

Megan: I went to fashion designer Jerry Scott’s fashion show and he did a lot of graphic prints and also bold pastel colors.  I definitely believe that will be the trend for the upcoming spring. Pastel colors will definitely be in and of course I love pastel colors so I will be wearing them as well.

Abagail: Who are some of your favorite designers?

Megan: I did an intern Sherri Hill and she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. She changed the game with eveningwear and pageantry. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of favorite fashion designers but more of fashion style icons.  One of my favorite style icons is Rihanna.  She has access to everything and everyone wants her to wear their clothing. Rihanna takes risks and looks great in everything she wears.  Socialite, Olivia Palermo and actress Zendaya are also fashion icons I’m in love with. Their styles are both unique and fabulous. I do have a favorite fashion Instagram account “Upcloseandstylish”. She takes really high-end designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel and wears it in the most normal way while comparing it with stores like Forever 21 and Zara.  She gets clothing right off the runway that you would normally see it and say “I could never wear that in real life” and puts it with stuff that makes it very wearable.

Abagail: You have a program called “Karacter Begins With K”, how did this become about?

Megan: I created the program in 2011 because I wanted to do something on my own. It’s going extremely well. I was able to work with children around the state helping them in terms of confidence, self-discipline, etiquette and interview skills.  The director of Miss South Carolina USA saw how much I enjoyed it and this past season I became a coordinator of Teenage Fantasy Camp.  I went to four states to conduct the fantasy camps for girls from the ages of 10 to 14. It was a back stage weekend experience where we went through stage presence, interview skills, etiquette, bullying and a lot of other topics at that age you are starting to pay attention to and things that are going to affect you.

Abagail:  Does your program “Karacter begins with K” include fashion tips for young girls?

Megan: The program is catered more towards elementary school and the fantasy camp was a little older from 10 to 14 but I haven’t really dabbled into high school students yet.  I think that if I ever introduced a part of the program to them that fashion tips would have to be a topic to focus on because the corporate world have opened up and allow you to do so much more. In high school I never had that sense of style and no one never sat me down to tell me how I should dress.  So, I think it would be nice if I can work with high school students to help them find their personal style, how to dress and the difference of dressing professionally and personally.

Abagail: I’m a loyal fan of your website and blog. I love the way you express yourself throughout your many blog posts and pictures. Blogging has become a popular and common way for individuals to express themselves while building a brand.  What was your purpose of creating your website and starting a blog?

Megan: It helps you find yourself and skills. The great thing about life is that you’re never done developing. You’re always changing and learning and growing.  It helps you narrow down your interests and what’s more important to you while expressing yourself to others.  The most exciting thing is that it allows you to go back and look at your life to see what was going on in the world, how it affected you and how your thoughts were on a particular subject matter. I think it’s the new millennials’ entry to a journal without it being too personal because you’re allowing the whole world to see it.  Blogging also gives you the option to include videos, pictures, music and graphics; basically things that you couldn’t write in the journal.

Abagail: You have accomplished so much this far in your life. What to expect in 2016 from Miss Megan Pinckney?  

Megan: I’m starting a foundation with someone that will be launching later in the year but I don’t want to give out a lot of information just yet. In addition, I have several other projects that I’m working on for the year of 2016. I’m pretty excited about 2016 and everything that I have planned.


Megan Pinckney’s many accomplishments during and after Miss USA has inspired so many females in her lifetime and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. To find out more on #WhatsGoingOn with Megan Pinckney make sure to check out her blog at shadesofpinck.com, Facebook at Megan Pinckney, and Instagram at MEGTYLERP.

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By: Abagail Roper

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