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Katrina: You’re originally from South Florida, but you currently live in New York. How long have you been living in New York and what brought you there?

Nema: Here’s the thing, if I told you how long I’ve been living in New York I would be telling you my age lol. I’ve been here for over ten years, I moved here after I graduated from college. I went to the Art Institute and I was on a job as a production assistant at HBO. I was so excited about the job offer I moved to New York. But the guy who offered me the position ended up giving it to his nephew. I was in New York with $847.00 to my name. What do I do? So I just started working in the night life which is what I did when I was in Miami. It developed from working in night life waitressing, to hosting, putting the events together, working for other people, to eventually starting my own business.

Katrina: You’ve thrown extravagant soirees for A-listers such as Kevin Hart, Tyrese, Ciara, to Mary J. Blidge and the list goes on… What is it that sets you apart from any other event planner?

Nema: For me it has a lot to do with my relationships. New York City is actually really small as far as the people that go out. I have a lot of relationships with people in the music industry and I’ve been able to keep those relationships and allow them to grow. When you throw a quality event and the word gets around people start referring you because you have a good reputation. Being consistent and having ​a ​good work ethic has been the most important thing for me.

Katrina: Do you think once celebrities started reaching out to you that, that’s what solidified your significance in the event planning industry; or to you has there been an individual instance that’s made you feel that you’ve reached a milestone in your career?

nema logoNema: That’s a good question! I still feel like I have so much more growing to do… It’s great and I’m very thankful to be able to do things for celebrities, artists and actors but at the end day I want to be known for being able to throw a good event. Whether the events are​ for the corporate world, music, ​tv/film, or the fashion industry. I’m happy​ ​where I​ am​ but I’m ​always working on expanding my brand.

Katrina: I’m a business owner as well and a lot of things I know have been self taught being that in my area what I do is male dominated. Professionalism for me is important because it’s hard to be taken serious sometimes. Being an attractive yet business oriented female in the night life industry I’m sure you’ve received male criticism and or unprofessionalism. How do you deal with situations such as these?

Nema: OMG! Everyday, it’s really hard. I think that the men in the industry hate me more because I’m so professional. They can look for something negative to say about me but they can’t find it. I think it’s so funny how people are always so interested in my business. Even before I got on VH1 people have always been super nosey, but they never can find anything negative. For me, you have to disconnect, you have to take your emotions out of it because people are always going to find negative things to say about you. People talk about you the most when yo​​u’re​ growing, and doing something positive and there’s a little bit of envy there. It makes my laugh because I’m clearly doing something right. I’ve been strong enough to be able to disconnect from men who are negative, but it’s not just the men it’s women as well. You have to surround yourself with positive people​.​

Katrina: You mentioned that you were on VHI. You co-stared in K. Michelle’s, My Life. Kudos to you! You had the opportunity to experience reality TV. How has that experience been for yourself and your career in general?

Nema: It was very interesting to learn. It was very hard the first month of filming. It’s reality TV and you don’t really know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. I​was an emotional wreck during the first month of filming lol…it’s safe to say it was ​​nerve racking​ in the beginning​!​​ I mean it’s national TV and ​you know ​​people all over the world are going to see you and judge you. ​Y​ou just want to do well! ​Overall it’s been a great experience​…just takes some getting used to.​ The cast and ​crew at VH​1​ ​are​awesome. ​Once I got comfortable, I said hey I could see myself doing this again. ​Being on K. Michelle: My Life has definitely given me an opportunity to be introduced to a national and even global audience, for the upcoming season 2, I’d def like for more of my work outside of the nightlife to be showcased. ​People can learn more about my brand on my new website, www.nemakamar.net​

Katrina: Speaking of all the other things you do, you’re the creator of Nema’s Boom Boom Room (love the name by the way very catchy) tell me about NBBR?

Nema: It’s my baby. I love doing it. It’s a live showcase I produce​ for artists to get signed. Or just a stage for people to hear their voice. A lot of artists ​nowadays aren’t interested in getting signed, they’d prefer to be independent because that seems to be where the music industry is going anyway. To audition for the show you really have to be talented. I make the artists submit live performance footage. I even make rappers perform with a live band, and thats really dope live. I always have ​a major label signed​ artist​ headline the show. We’ve​ built the reputation of the show so well that some of our past hosts, attendees, and performers, have included the likes of Timbaland, NY Knicks,​ French Montana, K. Michelle, Brooklyn Nets, Sebastian Mikael, NY Giants, and countless others. ​There are a lot of showcase​s​ in New York but ​from a production and presentation standpoint, Nema’s Boom Boom Room is unmatched. ​

Katrina: I follow Karen Civil very closely. For her to say that your music showcase is the best in the city that’s really big!

Nema: I love Karen Civil​,​ I’m a huge fan of hers. ​And I was so honored that she dubbed my showcase #1 in NYC.

Katrina: Your able to juggle so many things at once and stay balanced. You have several successful business ventures. How do you find time for your personal life?

Nema: What is that? I don’t know what that is lol. I need to do better, I don’t to be quite honest. I’m happy being able to have a night off and chill at home, watch​ing​ Netflix. I’m really boring actually! Everyone tells me my life is so exciting! I tell them yes it is, on Instagram lol! I really like to stay home, have a glass of wine and watch movies. I have’t had a vacation in nearly three years​, it’s definitely time for that​. 

Katrina: Are you currently working on any new projects?

Nema: Yes, a few things. The NFL draft this year is going to be in Chicago. So I’m working on doing some events in Chicago. I’m also taking ​Nema’s Boom Boom Room​ on the road to LA ​during the BET ​Awards ​weekend. It’s going to be my first time doing NBBR in another state which I’m really excited about! I​’m planning to produce the showcase in other major cities, so​ I think BET​ Awards​ weekend is ​the perfect time to jumpstart NBBR outside of New York​. I’m ​also relocating to ​LA for a few months​ for season 2 taping of My Life​​. During that time, I’ll be partnering up with other movers and shakers to produce some special event​s​. I​’m​ just​ focused on grow​ing​ my business​. I mean who really wants to have a job or career and stay in the same position their entire life​? I want to work with people that are more experienced than I am​, accomplish more, and succeed on a higher level.

Katrina: It’s been said that one of the most fulfilling things in life is being able to pursue a career in something that you absolutely love and your doing what you love. What’s the best thing about your career personally?

Nema: Being my own boss. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 9-5. If I did I’m pretty sure I got fired the first week! But to me that’s the best part because I’m able to be creative. I think it’s the best decision I could have ever made!

Katrina: What advice would you give anyone interested in starting their own business?

Nema: Make sure that if you do start a business that your work ethic is impeccable.

Katrina: What’s some words of encouragement that you want to leave the readers with?

Nema: I didn’t have parents growing up and I wish people would have told me earlier on in life to have confidence and be positive in anything that you do. You have to be fearless in everything that you do! When Jeff Robinson ​suggested I​ start doing live music, he came up with the Boom Boom Room during our first meeting. It took me four years to do it! But the feeling you get from your hard work gives you such a rush. There is nothing more rewarding. I wish I had started it earlier but I had to get out of my own way. If you have an idea you can not be scared, because at the end of the day ​you’re the only one stopping yourself.


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  • Jerica Darleen Washington

    When I read that Nema did not have parents, I connected. My father raised me, and also worked long hours and had my other siblings. I had to learn to say “no thank you” to the career advice coming from this one parent, he insists I acquire some sort of uniform. I relate to paving my own way, and my vision is lining up now. I too reflect on my character almost too often: “Am I the right person to sustain this dream I’ve realized?” Is a revolving question in my mind.

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