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Natasha “Tottie” Weston is no stranger to making big moves. This year we’ve seen her make an appearance on popular television show Empire and now the release of her second book Dare to Live Your Dreams.  She introduced her first book 10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars two years ago on What’s Going On and we were fortunate to be able to chat with the now coined “The Motivation Maven” once again about her brand new book Dare to Live Your Dreams.


Abagail: Your first book, 10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars debuted in 2014 and then Dare to Live Your Dreams was released last week and with great reviews. At what point did you know there would be a second book from Natasha “Tottie” Weston?

Natasha Weston: It sparked an interest in me after the huge success of my first book 10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars.  I knew I could possibly talk about any experience I went through, write a book about it and people will really be able to use it and gain inspiration from it.

Abagail: What inspired you to write Dare to Live Your Dreams?

natasha23Natasha Weston: I started writing Dare to Live Your Dreams after my recent trip to Chicago to be on

the popular television show Empire.  I was actually in the process of writing about my experience and my mom called and thought it would be a great idea to write a book telling everyone about my experience and ways to help beginners get started on living out their dreams. After the conversation, it was confirmation this book was a sense of urgency and I knew I needed to write a book that will be resourceful to others. At that point, I dedicated wo months of writing this book and I’m pretty excited about it and am ready to share it with others.

Abagail: Of course, the book discusses your experiences of living out your dreams. Was there ever a point in your life that you feared pursuing your dreams and what did you do to overcome your fears?

Natasha Weston: Of course! I was definitely scared at one point in my life, probably not as scared as most people. It was a brief moment in my life when I dropped out of college. I always knew it was more in store for me than just going to college and going on a job. I always knew that but I just didn’t know how to pursue it, and because of that I shied away from the things I was passionate about only because I didn’t know how my family would react.  Eventually, I broke out of that once I moved to New York.  I do believe fear will always be present but it’s how you turn it around and use it to motivate you that matters. I would definitely say my experience living in New York gave me the drive to jump out and do things without being so fearful.

Abagail: In the book you talked about “Dream Killers” and replacing them with “Dream Motivators”. Do you feel it’s more natural for individuals to surround themselves with dream killers instead of dream motivators? How can we identify the dream killers?

Natasha Weston: “Dream Killers” are more default in our life than dream motivators. In the book we talk a lot about dream killers because the most common dream killers are our family. Naturally, it’s not because they hate you or don’t want you to be successful but it’s because they don’t understand the industry you’re trying to pursue or they’ve never seen anyone that was successful in that industry. One of the ways I suggest to overcome this particular dream killer is to try to involve your family as much as possible and educate them on what you’re doing and don’t push it on them. Give them the opportunity to hop on board when they feel comfortable.  Make them feel important by asking for their advice even though they still might not understand they will be more prone to help you reaching your goals. “Dream motivators” are action steps that will be able to help you filter out the dream killers. Dream killers are going to be there every stage in life but it’s all in how you deal with it.  Dream motivators I talk a lot about self -motivation, vision boarding (the importance of this), and the power of being resourceful. The book gives a lot of information that will help you remove all the dream killers from your life.

Abigail: Why do you feel most people don’t take risks and live out their dreams?

Natasha Weston: A lot of people are afraid of just GETTING STARTED or don’t know how to get started. Another excuse I hear a lot is there isn’t enough time because they have a job and family to take care of, financial issues and support. I understand life happens to everyone but you will never see a change if you don’t make a change.

natashaAbagail: How does Dare To Live Your Dreams differ from 10 Effective Ways to Start Your Business with 0 Dollars?

Natasha Weston: My first book, compared to my new book, is completely different. My first book was a business book. It was just targeted to people who wanted to start a business. This book it’s a bigger audience. Some people just want to climb the corporate ladder or just follow a dream. This will be the book for them. This book opened the doors to reach a bigger audience, which was the huge difference. Also it was less pressure writing this book than my first one.

Abigail: Are you thinking about possibly doing a book tour?

Natasha Weston: Possibly, but very non traditional. I’m not focusing too much on online promotions and marketing because, honestly, most people who are living their dreams aren’t necessarily on Facebook or any other social media websites. We’re definitely hitting the streets and doing a lot more interaction with the people in the community.

Abagail: What is your favorite way of marketing your books?

Natasha Weston: I would have to say meeting people in the streets and learning a lot of people have dreams but because of their physical and current circumstances they’re not able to pursue them. Like what we discuss earlier family and friends, just overall being in a negative atmosphere and they don’t even think they qualify because of there circumstances. That’s why I’m super excited about this book because of the street promotion and to also inspire people giving them advice and letting them know I was once there living in doubt of my dreams but its never to late. If I can just change one-person life and motivate to GET STARTED then I accomplished my goal.

Abigail: Your books are based on your life experiences. Is there any subject you would never write about?

Natasha Weston: I don’t want to say never but the last topic I would ever discuss would be relationships. Even though that would be like the last topic I have a lot to say about being in a relationship while trying to live an effective life in pursuit being phenomenal. You know that might be a great seminar: (Katrina Garnes and Natasha Weston collaboration) businesswomen and relationships.

Abagail: Obviously, by the title you want to inspire people to live out their dream but is there another message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Natasha Weston: Getting Started! Getting Started! Getting Started! The purpose for writing the book is helping inspire others to get started in pursuing and living their dreams.

Abigail: Can you give some encouraging words to our readers?

Natasha Weston: The time is now to start living and do what you always wanted to do. Go out and surround yourself with Dream Motivators and understand they’re people out there who are ready to support through your journey. If you need any inspirations, grab a copy of my new book Dare to Live Your Dreams. Lets be fearless together!


Author Natasha “Tottie” Weston’s brand new book Dare to Live Your Dreams is sold exclusively through her website www.thetottiebrand.com. For more information on The Motivation Maven and what she has going on contact her at info@thetottiebrand.com, Facebook at Natasha Tottie Weston Instagram at officialtottie, and Periscope at Natasha Tottie Weston.


By: Abagail Roper



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