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Started on March 8, 20213 Hour Training

Katrina Garnes has spent over a decade using her experience, skills, and knowledge to help others become better marketers. She is passionate about sharing her expertise with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations looking for ongoing marketing training or workshops.

Whether you need help with marketing, branding, training department support, or assessing and improving project management across your organization, Katrina has got you covered.

Coming soon, Katrina will be launching an online learning portal of marketing and business training sessions on subjects such as digital marketing, project management, social media, content creation, marketing strategy, and much more. Users will be able to learn online at their own pace in the comfort of their home or workplace setting.

Customized Marketing and Business Trainings Available

The Programs:

All training is offered in-person onsite of your companies location. Once our training portal is launched, you’ll choose and access training programs virtually using my training modules. Customized training programs are available upon request. The following training program options are available:

  • Digital Marketing Intensive:
    • Creating a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Communicating Your Brand
    • Empowering Your Team for Success
    • Social Trends
    • Video Content Creation
  • Organizing Your Organization – Learning to Manage Projects (Using Asana as a Project Management Tool):
    • Clear understanding of the meaning of Project Management
    • A comprehensive walkthrough of Asana so everyone knows how to get started right away
    • An overview of some different applications of how Asana can be utilized (lead capture, lightweight CRM, meeting agenda tool, reporting tool for managers, etc.)
    • Everyone’s immediate questions answered (some more may pop up after beginning to use it for a week or two)
    • A general excitement for what Asana can do for your team–although some people will always resist change
    • Some time specifically with managers to begin planning out actual projects

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