What’s Going On with Playwright Tisha Griffith: “Deepest Shades of Blue”


12249853_10206468508185989_4148183443616487605_nPlaywright, director, producer, and visionary Tisha Griffith hails from Dayton, OH. She currently resides in Lexington, KY with her husband Jason Griffith and their 3 children. Tisha has written, directed and produced two successful original stage plays including, “Playing by Life’s Rules” starring Vincent, and “The Inconvenient Truth” starring R&B singer Tony Terry, Danny Clay and Brandi Milton. Griffith studied theater at Sinclair Community College and UCLA’s writer’s extension program, and has written two short films. She has performed in her hometown of Dayton, OH every year since 2010, and in the legendary Lincoln Theater in Columbus, OH. Griffith’s work was selected for the DC Black Theater Festival and has also been selected to participate in “A Taste of Theater” hosted by theater legend Shelly Garret in Chicago, IL.  This amazing dramatist has been involved in over 10 stage plays, demonstrating her considerable experience in writing, directing, producing, casting and acting. At this time Tisha Griffith is preparing for her upcoming stage play entitled “Deepest Shades of Blue” which will begin on April 2, 2016 at 3pm and 7:30pm at The Mex Theater, Louisville, KY.

The play “Deepest Shades of Blue” is a persuasive love story that punctures the heart of obsessive passion, lies, deceit, healing and forgiveness. The story is about a woman who has been hurt in previous romantic relationships, so she decided to change her whole perspective on love when she meets Quincy, who has also been hurt in past relationships. Both go on a journey and end up in a different place than they expected. The story speaks on doing what is right, versus what feels good to the flesh. This play places the characters to make tough decisions in their friendships and relationships. Due to the rise of HIV in the world Tisha wants her audience to get the importance of knowing their status from the play “Deepest Shades of Blue”. “HIV does not discriminate. Anyone can get it and it’s not a death sentence, but we shouldn’t be ignorant to the virus”, stated Tisha.

This story derived from a situation Tisha overheard at the hospital between a young man and his doctor. “The young man thought he had something so he got tested. When the doctor came to talk to the young man he asked how was he going to tell his girlfriend”, stated Tisha. After hearing someone experiencing such tragedy Tisha then thought about the importance of our health status and ways to bring awareness to knowing our status.

Johnerio: What do you want your audience to get from the play “Deepest Shades of Blue”?

Tisha Griffith: I want my audience to get the importance of getting tested. We tend to now focus on getting tested and staying aware of our status, and that is not good. Love is good but having a good health status is better.

Johnerio: Where did the concept of the play derived from?

Tisha Griffith: I was at the hospital for a checkup and I overheard the doctor talking to a young man about some results. The young man wanted to know if he had the virus or not. Right then and there I begin thinking about the importance. Safe sex is the way to go if you’re going to do it. Also my heart and mind focused on how I would handle that situation if I was in that predicament or my children.

Johnerio: What surprises should we expect or look for from the play?

Tisha Griffith: I can’t say much but I would say there is a spine, trick to watch out for. There is cheating, deception, and it makes your mind wonder. You will be thinking hmmm, who will get HIV and who doesn’t. The characters and their development is tricky.

Johnerio: If you can describe the play in three words, what would they be?

Tisha Griffith: I would say informative, hilarious, and inspirational. It teaches a lot about HIV virus, it has comedy to keep the flow and its’ deepness throughout the play alive, and it shows you that God can keep you and is always there no matter what you are going through.

Johnerio: How did you go about picking the cast?

Tisha Griffith: Well six or seven of my cast has been with me since 2010. The rest of my cast was found using social media or I see something in them that would work well portraying certain characters I have. For example I notice two ladies on social media, Mira Smith and Talibah Brown.

Johnerio: What inspired you to become a playwright?

Tisha Griffith: It was a gift from God and talent. I’ve always been a writer, and I always liked reading. I started writing Christmas plays for church and from there I kept investing in my talent by crafting my skills.

Johnerio: What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a playwright or work in fine arts?

Tisha Griffith: To read as many books as possible! Read about playwright, go on YouTube, and network with others that are where you want to be. It’s best for them to also support different forms of art to become versatile.

Johnerio: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

Tisha Griffith: I would like for everyone in the industry to build their brand and not just their pockets. In this industry a lot of people are doing it for the money, but not for passion.

Johnerio: What is your philosophy of life?

Tisha Griffith: My philosophy of life is to “find your purpose because that will make you happy”. Having faith is a plus in anything we do. We must speak things into existence.  I also like to remind myself and others that “faith without work is dead”.

Johnerio: Who would you like to work with or meet that you haven’t?

Tisha Griffith: Oh God. I would like to work with Christian Keyes, and meet Tyler Perry for their amazing talent and because I admire them.



Tisha Griffith is in the process of writing her first full-feature film, which is set for production in 2016. For more information on Tisha Griffith, her play “Deepest Shades of Blue, and what she has going on contact her at www.tgriffithproductions.com, Facebook at Tisha Playwright Griffith , Instagram and Twitter at iamtgriffith and tgriffithproductions.

By: Johnerio Scott

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