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“Your grind should ALWAYS exceed your struggle”. That’s what Kyle Greene says to everyone he speaks to that believes they cannot be successful due to their current position, or limitations. Growing up in Jasper County where there were only three traffic lights in and out of the town, Kyle feels that everyone can use that extra push to achieve any and every goal they set their mind to.

I didn’t come from much. Where I grew up we had the worst school in the state, sports was the only thing that kept us occupied, and our resources were very limited.

Kyle Greene

By there being very limited resources he used what he had and what was available to make the best of it.  As time transpired he went on to Benedict College where he graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Information Science. He later worked at BlueCross BlueShield as a Server Administrator, was named 1 of 12 in The Minority Eye Most Interesting Minorities of 2013, and was soon after listed in South Carolina Black Pages Top 40 under 40. With all of his accomplishments Kyle still has time to speak, mentor, and gave back to various communities including his hometown. He believes this will help individuals to achieve goals and concur life. With the backing from his wife, kids, and supporters Kyle recently published his first book entitled “The Mentality Changer”. While his book has been receiving a lot of positive reviews, he suggests that this has been a humbling experience. Greene says, “I want my audience to gain strength and knowledge that they can change any bad situation that’s holding them back from achieving their goals.”

Johnerio: In your career as a motivational speaker, mentor, and life coach I have noticed that you focus more on the youth. Does your past play a role in that?

Kyle: Yes, my past does. It plays the biggest role. Growing up I knew what I needed in order to do well. I wasn’t giving up on my dreams because of my limited resources. So now I’m doing what I wish I had. I’m pouring into the youth so that they will become leaders and not feel that they can’t achieve their goals due to limited resources.

Johnerio: Your most recent project, your new book “The Mentality Changer” has been receiving a lot of positive reviews. You recently held your book launch! How was that?

Kyle: It was amazing! People from all over came out to support. When I wrote the book it poured out of my head. At first I was taking my time, but then I noticed that every time I spoke somewhere or mentored someone they kept asking if I had a book. From then I pushed myself because I saw that people were hungry for the inspiration I was giving.

Johnerio: What type of content can readers expect to see in your book?

Kyle: Readers can expect to read about situations from my life that I changed and how I changed it. It will show them that just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean you are a mistake. For those that think they are a failure because they failed before, it will show them that even though they failed it doesn’t  mean they are a failure.

Johnerio: Your career is taking off, the momentum of your book is high, how does it feel being recognized and followed by so many people?

Kyle: It is very humbling. I did not write the book for publicity, but to help someone. It is all about touching lives.

Johnerio: Do you believe that we can all do better in life? Do you believe it is our mindset that’s holding us back from achieving goals?

Kyle: Yes, we all can all do better in life. If we just change our mindset we can change our situations. We have to learn lessons, and sometimes it just takes for us to go thorough things to change.

Johnerio: You’re a mentor, and also considered to be a leader to so many people! Do you have a mentor as well?

Kyle: I had two mentors. One of them was murdered, Senator Clementa Pinckney, who was one of the Emanuel Nine in Charleston, South Carolina. He checked up on me all of the time, even after he got elected he contacted me through Facebook messaging. The other mentor I have is Manny Scott. He is a motivational and inspirational speaker. He taught me a lot about speaking.

Johnerio: What encouragement would you give someone that wants better for themselves, but feels that they don’t have the resources?

Kyle: I would let them know that it is not about where you are, it is about where you are going. If you put your mind to it, you can do it. The main thing is fear. We have to stop because fear can rob you from your opportunities.

Johnerio: How do you balance having a family and a demanding career, while still managing to have time for yourself?

Kyle: It may sound crazy, but I don’t live life for myself. To be honest I live life to help people. Once you know your calling then you will understand your purpose. I have students and others that email me, contact me on social media for help all the time and I love it.

Johnerio: I read that you were listed in the South Carolina Black Pages Top 40 under 40 list. Was this a pivotal moment in your career when you realized that your career had begun to flourish?

Kyle: It really was. It felt great for being recognized for doing what I always wanted to do. Once you get recognized it is gratification.

Johnerio: Do you have a saying or slogan that you always say when helping someone or speaking?

Kyle: I have a lot. “Don’t wake up and not realize why you woke up”. “You have a purpose, don’t settle for good when you are destined to be great”.

For more information about Kyle Greene and his book entitled “The Mentality Changer” follow him on Facebook @Kyle Greene, Instagram @Kyleagreene, Twitter @kylespeaks_, or his website at www.kyleagreene.com.

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By: Joh’nerio Scott

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