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When they say live with  purpose, they mean live your dreams. Some may take it for granted but I know of a successful philanthropist that isn’t taking anything for granted, and that’s Lisa Nicole Cloud. Fashion designer, author, self-made millionaire, and star of Bravo’s hit television show “Married to Medicine” Lisa Nicole Cloud is doing everything possible to fulfill her life dreams and to help others in doing the same. Lisa believes that success is a state of mind. “If you believe that you are capable of making your dreams come true then you are right. In that same breath, if you believe that you are incapable of achieving your dreams then you are also right”. She feels that success comes with developing a mindset of endless possibilities, pursuing your dreams with tenacity and knowing that you control your destiny. Following in what she believes Lisa has many accolades and accomplishments, and has never lost sight of her universal truth. With inspiration and creativity being two of Lisa’s strongest gifts, her industry peers have dubbed her as “Ms. Millionaire Maker” for her accomplishments in the development of MLM Millionaires through the 5LINX opportunity.

As an established professional Lisa gives advice to young professionals and rising entrepreneurs to know their vision and to have a business strategy. She believes that when you know yourself and your passion, it can then turn into a profit for you. “I had to try different strategies in the beginning due to not knowing what I clearly wanted to do, but once I concentrated and wrote down what I wanted, everything fell into place.

Between taking care of her family, press runs, filming for the show, and branding herself, Lisa has found time to venture into hosting star-studded educational events for the month of May and June. These events will take place on May 28th, 29th, and June 10th 2016. They both consist of helping and empowering others. What motivates Lisa to take on so many roles is that she has always been driven along with liking a challenge. Once she mastered one task, she then looked for the next endeavor to work on, adding to her career profile.

LNC Conference May 28,29On May 28th, 29th, Lisa Nicole Cloud will host the “Teach Me to
Grow with You” conference. Lisa decided to create this conference once she noticed so many marriages were falling apart. Even though Lisa’s marriage wasn’t falling apart, she and her husband decided to go to counseling for “maintenance and checkup”, which was to strengthen their marriage.  “To me marriage is not only important between the two that are married but also to God. Marriage is a covenant and it should not be broken,” states Lisa.  The key focus of this conference is to help singles prepare for their future mates as well as
serious tips on dating and engagements. Married couples will also benefit from this conference by learning ways to repair their marriages and how to refocus and renew their relationships. Attendees can expect to receive information from relationship experts, other high profile celebrity couples and panelists about spiritual and personal development, business, finance, sex, romance, friendship, and intuitive connections. This event will be covered by Atlanta’s press and media circuits and will be nationally televised.

Lisa has always lived her life giving back and making a difference in the lives of others. Along with her
husband, Dr. Darren Naugles she will hosts the “2016 Fashion For A Cause” event this upcoming summer. While collaborating with Bentley Motors Atlanta and MedShare this exclusive fashion event is to raise money and awareness for an upcoming medical mission trip to Hatti scheduled for 2017. This medical mission trip will support and provide deserving patients an opportunity to experience upgraded medical attention in a fully operational healthcare facility. As part of this medical mission initiative, Dr. Naugles is collecting donated equipment from hospitals around the nations to improve the technology in three hospitals of Haiti.

mogulGuests will experience an elegant evening of luxury lifestyles, fashion, and philanthropy. On the fashion side, this event will feature exclusive pieces from the Lisa Nicole Diamond Collection, Lisa Nicole Signature Collection, and offer a sneak preview of pieces from the Fall 2016 Lisa Nicole Collection. Lisa’s collections consist of a chic, high fashion business couture clothing line for today’s successful business woman. The sleek designs of the collections also exude the power, class, and sophistication of professional women. Reasons behind Lisa designing the Lisa Nicole Collections was to make sure all women BE, FEEL, and LOOK successful! “I ventured into fashion once I noticed I was successful in direct sales. Everyone liked how I showed up to do business, and I decided to help others dress for success”, states Lisa. Her high quality, yet affordable dresses, jumpsuits, gowns, and high end fashion line will inspire woman to dress for the position they want, not for the positon they have. “This clothing line will take you from boardroom to the ballroom”, Lisa continued.

This will be an event you do not want to miss, with an evening of style, glamour, celebrity appearances, signature cocktails, special presentations, live entertainment and more.

The new season of Married to Medicine will premiere in September 2016 with speculated drama between Dr. Lisa Cloud and Dr. Heavenly. This season expect to see real life issues. The issues vary from family, to marriage and financial challenges. Throughout this season you will learn how to navigate through friendships, and how to deal with drama. “This season will showcase real women with real issues and life drama”, states Lisa.



To find out more about Lisa Nicole Cloud and how you can purchase tickets to her upcoming events, go to,,, or follow her on Facebook at Lisa Nicole Cloud.




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By: Johnerio Scott and Katrina Garnes

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