Katrina in the City

Atlanta, the land of opportunity, diversity and great entertainment.  You may or may not have known I recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to accept a corporate position.  Due to my hectic schedule I’ve been neglecting my blog posts lately but thanks to my awesome blog contributors you haven’t skipped a beat. But, Im back now! Not only am I back to blogging but I’ve embarked on a new journey to make a name for myself and my brand in the big city of Atlanta. Now keep in mind this is a completely different beast that I’m trying to tame. With so many people coming to Atlanta for exact same reason as me,  (OPPORTUNITY) networking and finding my niche is going to be pivotal and more important than ever. Yesterday I learned my first lesson ever since being here and I’d like to share this story with you and I’ll continue sharing the stories and adventures of “Katrina in the City” in hopes that they’ll not only be insightful but also help someone like me who’s thinking about or has made a big transition from small town girl to city girl!

If I haven’t learned anything in the past 8 years of my life, I’ve  learned how important building a network can be for your brand and business. When most people think of networking they think of going to a pre-planned networking event but that’s definitely not the ONLY networking opportunity you want to take advantage of. There’s so many other ways of creating your own opportunity to network. On yesterday I had scheduled an entire day to connecting with people in Atlanta and creating the conversation. What does that mean? Well it means I took the promotional material I had on hand and set a goal to make sure that by the time I arrived back at home it all was gone. Now I want to be honest with you, I’m not perfect!  I neglected to get business cards reprinted so I only had 30 business cards left (which is a no no) but if you know me it would take more than a lack of business cards to stop me. Nevertheless, my ultimate goal was to make sure I connected with thirty people or more that day. My first stop, Star Bucks to get my new fav (thanks to my sister) a vanilla bean frappe and there I purposely made myself acquainted with a fellow customer. I couldn’t have met a better person. She was a local, she was familiar with the city, welcoming, and informative. I’m new to the city so instead of taking the easy route and “googling” my question I wanted to ask a local where they thought I should go first. To my amazement she didn’t give the usual answer (Atlantic Station, Underground, Lennox Mall, etc.) She gave me a list of new an exciting places to go (that I will be blogging about soon). After a brief conversation, an exchange of information and a few sips of my frappe I was well on my way to the westside of Downtown Atlanta. As I’m looking at my GPS I’m even more excited that I don’t have to get on the infamous Atlanta Highways to get there lol.
I arrived to a “seemingly” newly built area called the Westside Provisions District. With everything from boutique retail, fine dining, and upscale residences,  it was a unique opportunity that I had yet to experience in the Atlanta area. In other words a perfect place to spark conversations. From my inexpensive and posh dining experience at JCT. Kitchen & Bar  (modern twist on old style southern food), shopping at its many retailers and speciality shops, I knew that I certainly would be returning to the area soon. Not to mention meeting so many new people and having real conversations about my business and brand. With the summer approaching, and there beautiful outdoor spaces this would be a great location for a day out with the girls, dates, or a casual family outing.



I’ll be spending most of my day today finding a place where I can get quick prints of my promotional material to pass out at the Atlanta Brunch Festival tomorrow; in the historic 4th Ward Park. It’s nothing like a good mimosa, food and great music on Saturday afternoon to get the conversation started. So I’m definitely anxious to see what tomorrow brings. If your a resident of Atlanta or you own a space that you think I should try or venture to next, drop your info in the comments below! Be sure to log back on to find out #WhatsGoingOn with Katrina in the City.


Photo owned by Westside Provisions Disctrict




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