Jules Nobles: A Star In The Making

2girlJules Nobles, a radiant personality from Mississippi, is becoming a shining star in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her career earlier in life, by competing in beauty pageants, and she is now landing roles in multiple films, including Uncommon Law, directed by Brian Work. While modeling is important to her, she considers herself an actress do to the satisfying complexity in her roles. Her role model? Diane Carroll, who appeared in some of the earliest studio films to feature Black casts.

Nobles also hosts her own web shows. Her first, “Lights, Camera, Action LIVE” began production in 2011 but was put on hold due to additional acting opportunities. However, Nobles began a second project, “Jules Weekly,” which she considers a “revamped” version of her first venture. “I love it!” she says. “I love the social aspect of it, because I’m a very social person; it’s like showing a side of me other than acting.”

Although it’s a very exciting lifestyle, Nobles isn’t only made for the big screen. She is also a registered nurse. According to Nobles, “It is hard to balance a career in acting and nursing”, but she is very thankful for her parents who keep her grounded and on the right track. She asserts that she was a nurse first, and will always be a nurse. She is also an avid reader, with Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray being her current book.

Jules Nobles will surely be someone to watch in the next year. She is currently filming Greed where she is playing the supporting actress, which she is excited about because this is her favorite type of role, where she is taken out of her comfort zone. She will also be hosting events at Jersey City Fashion Week next month. To find out more about #WhatsGoingOn with Jules Nobles visit her online at http://www.julesnobles.com.





Interview By: Jaquan Washington and Chynnah Tomlin

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