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Fifty years ago, communication was a lot different than what we are exposed to now. Most correspondence was done through snail mail (I, for instance, remember mostly writing letters to my grandmother until I was around 14), and while landline phones were around, not everyone had one. Since then, a plethora of strides have been taken to make communicating as effortless as possible. In only seconds, you can communicate with someone half way across the world. For instance, in 2011, the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death spread like wildfire on social media twenty minutes before news outlets started covering it, and an entire hour before President Obama held a press conference about it. In an hour and a half, there was over 583,000 tweets about this one topic. Four years later, news spreads even faster.
Since the 1950s, digital communications has changed the way we do everything. You can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. News spreads like wildfire. Businesses heavily rely on social media to reach demographics that they couldn’t reach before. People share their big moments in life to all of their friends and family at once. People can now easily make their hobbies their income (I admittedly shop on Etsy on the regular). Some chronicle their lives on blogs and social media outlets, and a handful of those even make money for it. We’ve all become in a sense more unified.

Why does this happen? Well for one, it seems like technology is more accessible than ever. In 2014:
• 98% of adults had digital TV in their homes
• 89% personally used a mobile phone
• 86% access the internet anywhere
• 53% used social media
• Adults estimated to have spent over 20 hours online at home in a week, average
• 52% of companies use social media to connect and communicate with customers

Looking at these numbers, it’s relatively easy to see that it’s easy for our perceptions, ideas, and even culture can be molded by technology. So as we continuously evolve from the snail mail and telegraph to text messages and Google hangouts, I am bringing about Digital Empowerment Mastermind: Empowerment Luncheon and Workshop, an independently organized event occurring in February 20, 2016 in Florence, South Carolina.

As a young professional in the digital communication field, one of my goal has always been to provide educational and informative opportunities to her fellow peers that wasn’t provided to me. Instead of looking outside to South Carolina to find women excelling in this field, I’m making it my goal to bring together 6 professional women in digital communications based in the state with careers ranging from web deb design and blogging to video production and online media to give talks that are idea-focused. They will also give personal insight on how they are excelling in their careers and advice and tips on standing out in their individual niche of digital communications.
Let’s continue to grow and evolve with this world around us; there’s no need to be left in the dust! Knowledge and opportunity can only make us better women and business leaders.



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By:Chynaa Tomlin

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