Defining His Own Destiny

When they count you out, that’s when you should be more determined to be better and do better. Not everyone believes what you believe, and can see your future as you see it. A man that had all odds against him, but didn’t let it stop his growth, dedication, or ambitions is now making moves that only he could say would one day come true. With his faith in God, Neil “Dougie Hendrix” Hines has not allowed his unbearable past to predict his future. Neil “Dougie Hendrix” Hines was born and raised in Florence, South Carolina. While growing up he stayed in difficult situations, but knew he was destined to be great. Not letting anyone or anything stop him he kept pushing and searching for that sign of hope for a better day.  During his journey , Dougie overcame many obstacles and disappointments. From his many heartbreaks he has learned to love himself, and from countless naysayers he has learned to believe and trust in himself. Today Dougie has performed and worked with well-known music artists such as Trina, and is impacting the music industry with his own sound. With his hit song “Hop On One Leg” and new project he will soon be breaking charts and receiving nominations for music awards.

Johnerio: Who is Dougie Hendrix?

Dougie Hendrix: He is someone that loves the kids, and is making it into the music industry by being his self.  He is secretive; someone that want’s people to figure out who is Dougie Hendrix.

Johnerio: What is music to you?

Dougie Hendrix: Music to me is a drug. I have to have it in my life at all times. Music is my secret place to go to get away.

Johnerio: How important do you think music is in life?

Dougie Hendrix: Man, music is very important. It has the power to change the world. It is powerful. Artist like Destiny Childs, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston has used music to make long lasting impression just how I want to.

Johnerio: What inspired you to pursue a music career?

Dougie Hendrix: A lot of people use to tell me that I had a good voice, but I wouldn’t  sing aloud because I was shy and I didn’t think I had it. I use to get bullied all the time. One day I was like, let me try it since everyone is saying they see something good in me. Others motivation empowered me to step out on faith and try it. When I tried it, I liked it and then got serious.

Johnerio: To you, how has music changed in the last four years?

Dougie Hendrix: Music has drastically change. Everyone sounds alike! There’s no individuality between artist.

Johnerio: How would you describe yourself in two words?

Dougie Hendrix: Ambitious, and blunt. Ambitious because I’m going after what I want. I am doing and trying everything I can to become the artist I want to be. Blunt because I say what I want, how I feel , and I don’t care what people say about me.

Johnerio: What would you say separates youself from other artist?

Dougie Hendrix: Knowing myself and the style of music I want to produce. I don’t try to copy other artists. If my music sounds weird or different I like that.

Johnerio: How did you come up with the song “Hop On One Leg”?

Dougie Hendrix: I was in the club one night with my friends dancing to the music. My homegirl said to me that I needed to turn that into a popular dance. At first I was like no, but when I kept doing it in the club I noticed everyone liked it.

Johnerio: What inspirational words would you give someone that has the dream of becoming an music artist?

Dougie Hendrix: Don’t give up, keep pushing yourself. Find a good team; support group. Also figure out who you are. It is also good for you to listen to yourself. Don’t listen to other artists because you will then lose yourself and you will then begin sounding like other people. Most importantly don’t be afraid to try things.

Johnerio: What artist would you like to work with in the industry?

Dougie Hendrix: Mali Music and Rihanna. They are true artists to me.

Johnerio: I noticed that you have a nice style of fashion. Your style is unique. Will there be a clothing line in the future?

Dougie Hendrix: Yes! I am going to come out with a line soon. I think I’m going to have shoes and tops. My tops are going to be called “Paint” and my shoes “Dirt”.

Johnerio: What projects are you working on?

Dougie Hendrix: Right now I’m working on my album, EP, and just recording. I want to have “diversity” when people think about me. I don’t have a date yet, but I also want to add more visuals, and another dance song for the kids.



For more information on Dougie Hendrix, his music, and what he has going on contact him at Instagram: Dougie_Hendrix, Twitter: Dougie Hendrix, SoundCloud Dougie Hendrix, or
Facebook Dougie Hendri


By: Johnerio Scott

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