A Day in the Life with Katrina Garnes

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and or professionals we all know the sacrifice and dedication is takes on the day-to-day basis to not only excel but operate. What’s Going On, creator knows this scenario all too well. She decided to take viewers on a journey of a day in her life. Though on any average day her life consists of well more than what is shown in this video, the many roles she takes on daily is highly visible in her story. She also explains to viewers why she’s passionate about her craft and her overall goal of uniting women in media and digital communications. Garnes will have her first of many events soon empowering women in digital communications, Digital Empowerment Mastermind: Empowerment Workshop and Luncheon. Digital Empowerment Mastermind focuses on all women working in digital communications and technology in South Carolina. Their luncheon and workshop will provide recognition, empowerment, education, support, and networking opportunities to the women who will be in attendance.

The Digital Empowerment Mastermind: Lucheon and Workshop event will feature six speakers who are in careers ranging from graphic design, web development, video production, and professional blogging to careers in online marketing and computer programming. The speakers, all of whom are based in or originally from South Carolina, include host Katrina Garnes of www.KatrinaGarnes.com , Ashli Smart of SmartHoopla and Application Development Analyst at Sonoco , Melissa Chanel of MelissaChanel.com, Caletta Bailey of Reel2Real Productions, Natasha “Tottie” Weston of Confessions of a Ambitious Girl, and Melody Thomas of The Genius Circle. Through sponsorships and support, this new, much-needed event is sure to bring the Digital Empowerment Mastermind group’s vision to life—a vision that is to unite all women who are in the digital industry or who are interested in entering it.

To find out more or to register visit www.DigitalEmpowermentLive.com


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