What do you get when you give an opportunity to a small town girl from Ridgeland, SC with a determination for success and a knack for media and marketing? You get a woman with the knowledge and know-how to build the customer base of any business through digital marketing and media ventures. This woman is known as Katrina Garnes, and she’s here as both a media goddess and an example of success to black women across the country who desire to overcome their circumstances.

Since graduating from Francis Marion University with her Bachelor’s in Communications, Katrina has not only assisted in the marketing efforts of several businesses in the Southeast area, she has been a motivator to thousands of young adults who have dreams of becoming impactful professionals in society. With her sensational personality, thousands of women have come to see her speak at various empowerment events and digital marketing workshops. Katrina is also the Curator of “Digital Empowerment Mastermind”, which was the first event in SC for women with careers in digital communications.

As a millennial, Katrina has achieved enormous success publishing eBooks, owning her own business, and being named She Magazine’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the media outlet, “What’s Going On”. While growing her business Cold Storm Media Productions LLC to exponential levels, she is currently embarking on new and exciting ventures!

Does she ever stop? No! This is only the beginning of the biography of Katrina Garnes. As she continues to grow, she hopes you stick around to not only witness her success but to be motivated and determined to reach equal or higher levels.


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