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Katrina Garnes I create spaces of empowerment and learning for professional millennial women of color to grow and learn together! Stay in touch
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Katrina Garnes

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Katrina Garnes has been an entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses and media opportunities since graduating from Francis Marion University with her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications. She has been a side-hustle queen, working a 9 to 5 job while juggling the role of being Founder and CEO of Cold Storm Media Productions LLC and Delectable Vending LLC.

She has also achieved enormous success hosting events, creating products, and publishing books. In 2014, Katrina was named She Magazine’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” for displaying a dedicated work ethic as a young entrepreneur and influential figure in her community.

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I attended the Lunch with Us event co-hosted by Katrina and I will continue to rave about how refreshing it is to connect with a group of women who aren’t caught up in the artificial landscaping you often find in Atlanta’s social scene. The women in attendance came prepared with questions & genuine willingness to connect with our hostesses and fellow attendees. I could tell Katrina is a skilled orator and was overwhelmed by her navigation of the ongoing discussions held throughout the event. I’m so ready for her post-covid events!

Dominique Hicks

Realtor, Atlanta

Katrina and I have collaborated many times over the years, however our partnership for the Lunch With Us event in Atlanta really highlighted her gift of project management. From the very initial idea, she kept us organized via Google Docs, scouting venues, calendar invites for meetings, etc. As someone who primarily does online events, it was such a pleasure learning up close and personal on what it takes to organize and execute an in-person event. Thanks to Katrina’s amazing organizational skills from start to finish, our event was a huge success!

Natasha Weston

Lifestyle Content Creator | Podcaster, Charleston

Attending the “Lunch With Us” event was an eye-opening experience for me as a millennial entrepreneur. Katrina provided me and the other ladies with some very helpful tips about growing and marketing our brands. I really liked the fact that she offered insight for women who decide to pursue entrepreneurship and work a 9- 5 job! She was extremely transparent in her journey, and created an atmosphere that was authentic to who she is a woman and entrepreneur.

Bree Gordan

Author I Speaker, Atlanta

Katrina and her team are a great company and the only company you should do business when it comes to building your brand. I needed to take professional photos for my personal brand and didn’t know where to start. CEO Katrina Garnes assisted with choosing the right location that complimented my signature style. My vision was brought to life, and the photos received a lot of great reviews. Thanks, Katrina for the great experience! I definitely will be consulting her in the future.

Abagail Roper


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Fierce Conversations With Katrina Garnes
Fierce Conversations live stream series featured millennial women entrepreneurs and professionals having real conversations on navigating their life, careers, and business during the coronavirus pandemic!

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